Research Projects

Research Projects


Forthcoming research publications, and projects that are submission-ready, include:

  1. An engagement with the photography of South African photographer Mikhael Subotzky and his work on securitization in Johannesburg;

  2. An examination of Johannesburg, South Africa’s Ponte City Tower as physical embodiment of changing governing regimes and resident re-appropriation from apartheid to post-apartheid liberal democracy; and

  3. An ethnographic investigation into South Africa’s digital divide and opportunities to transcend the geographies of apartheid through grassroots community Internet and Communications Technology (ICT) infrastructures.


Early-stage or ongoing research projects include:

  1. A proposed major mixed-methods investigation into former Bantustan capital cities where I consider planning underlives, afterlives, and repurposings through a locally situated and empirical inquiry (research supported by the American Association of Geographers (AAG) Socialist and Critical Geography Specialty Group; planned dissertation topic);

  2. With colleague Victor Chen, a study of historic redlining practices in Denver and Pueblo, Colorado. Two short introductory essays on the topic are supported by the American Council of Learned Societies' Mapping Inequality Project;

  3. An examination of “special districts” in Colorado in comparison with municipal governments, drawing on theoretical and empirical methods;

  4. With Prof. Elliott Sclar, an archival investigation of the 1948 Nairobi capital plan, crafted by British and South African planners and a window into a world-historical moment and subjectivity; 

  5. With colleague Miranda Meyer, a comparative theoretical examination of memory and mnemonic war as "land war," drawing on chronotopes, constellations, and variegations in memory-work through the production of space and time; and

  6. With colleague Merkarem Eljamal, a global comparative project on processes of de- and re-territorialization in Palestine and South Africa, drawing on geospatial methods.