Research Projects

Research Projects


Forthcoming research publications include:

  1. In UCLA Journal of Critical Planning, an archival, geospatial, and quantitative inquiry (mixed-methods) of the agro-ecological underpinnings of violence in Tancítaro, Mexico, a region known for the highest per-hectare production of avocados globally.

  2. In Columbia URBAN Magazine, an historical investigation into the U.S.'s "national interest in planning," analyzing historic moments from the Roosevelt, Johnson, and Carter Administrations, and the contemporary context of urban planning inherent to the Biden Administration's American Rescue Plan (ARP) and Build back Better agenda.


Current ongoing research projects include:

  1. A proposed major mixed-methods investigation into former Bantustan capital cities in South Africa investigating spatial planning and political economic trajectories (planned dissertation topic);

  2. An examination of Johannesburg, South Africa’s Ponte City Tower as physical embodiment of changing governing regimes and resident re-appropriation from apartheid to post-apartheid liberal democracy;

  3. Historical research on Jane Jacobs’ professional engagement with philanthropy and foundations’ urban development programs, in ways that both shaped/informed her work and the field of urban grantmaking;

  4. An examination of “special districts” in Colorado in comparison with municipal governments, drawing on theoretical and empirical methods;

  5. An archival investigation of the 1948 Nairobi capital plan, crafted by British and South African planners and a window into a world-historical moment and subjectivity; 

  6. An examination of public-private arrangements, governance, “zones of exception,” and racialized/gendered labor, drawing on Special Economic Zones (SEZs) in former South African Bantustans;

  7. An ethnographic investigation into South Africa’s digital divide and opportunities to transcend the geographies of apartheid through grassroots community Internet and Communications Technology (ICT) infrastructures; and

  8. An engagement with the photography of South African photographer Mikhael Subotzky and his work on securitization in Johannesburg.